Does social media marketing directly impact the search engine ranking of a website? Not really! What it does is present your website content in front of a large group of audiences, both local and global. An expert in social media marketing in Dubai will share varied, keyword-based targeted content across multiple social media sites regularly for exposure. Consistent exposure to your brand content increases brand awareness and generates more productive leads. Digital marketers use the term social SEO for this strategy.

Eventually, it drives visitor traffic to your website. Social media marketing creates more engagement, backlinks, and increased brand queries. All of that comes together to accelerate or boost the overall SEO results. Hence, social media is an essential part of digital marketing services.

                                             SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS 2022
·         More than 53% of the world population is on social media.
·         82% of the digital marketers recycle content across social media channels for more exposure.
·         More than 54% of the users depend on social media browsers for product research.
·         50% of the marketers plan to increase their paid advertising investment across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in 2022.
·         93% of the Twitteratis prefer direct brand interaction on the platform.
90% of Instagram followers follow brands and businesses.

These stats self-explain the importance of social media for your digital marketing and SEO efforts.  

Defining Social SEO

Social SEO is the indirect utilization of social media platforms to boost brand visibility on social browsers and search engines, thus improving the organic search ranking. The heroes of social SEO are the social signals, such as likes, comments, and shares, which increase brand engagement with the target audience. These build customer loyalty while also increasing online traffic. 

How does Social Media Marketing Impact the SEO Results?

Social media marketing intends to expose the content to the right group of people, who will further spread it amongst their groups and social communities. These are indirect factors that influence the SERPS. But there is more to social SEO than that:

  • Digital marketers stress optimizing the brand social profiles because Google indexes that. 
  • Google indexes and crawls the Facebook links like shares and comments are indexed and crawled by Google. So, if your target audience is commenting and sharing your post, Google will take notice of that, and the SERP will reflect that.
  • Since social media marketing increases brand awareness, it boosts the brand searches online on both social browsers and search engines. So, it is essential to optimize the social content with high-ranking keywords. 
  • Other social platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora drive significant traffic to the website. So, regular content posting on those sites is equally essential. 

These strategies play an essential role in boosting your SEO output. 


To ace the marketing game in the present and in the future, you will need efficient digital marketing services with a specialization in social SEO. 

Socialight Digital Marketing ticks on all those boxes as a digital marketing agency, with expertise in social media marketing in Dubai. Over the years, they have built a network of local and global clients, benefitting from their wide range of online marketing services. So, check out their website and book a consultation with their experts today! 

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