The mobile app market in UAE is experiencing an increase in demand for innovative platforms to simplify business processes. Every business is seeking a reliable mobile app development company. There is a flurry of app-development activity worldwide, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In UAE, a recent survey revealed that around 84% of business owners believe that mobile apps are essential to staying relevant to the target audience2021 saw a 15% jump in mobile app downloads in the region, which has notably taken a hike since. If we speak of global market insights, then the mobile application market is all set to reach $693 billion this year.



Let’s look at the app trends relevant in 2022. If you want to launch an app what are the things you need to keep in mind and implement? 

Top Mobile App Trends of 2022

Hired a mobile app development company in UAE? Make sure you discuss the following prospects for app building. 

1. 5G

The majority of technology businesses are incorporating 5G into their most recent products, making it the newest buzzword in mobile technology. By the end of this year, more than 660 million mobile phones will get the 5G boost worldwide, including UAE. So, it makes sense to make an app that is compatible with the technology. With 5G, operations are 100 times faster than with 4G, lower latency (50 to 1 millisecond), and more cutting-edge features. 


The good old flip phone is back with a glass screen fold twist. Many leading mobile manufacturers like Samsung have launched their foldable devices, the rest are working on their versions. The screen configuration for foldable devices will be different, along with their enhanced ability to multi-task. These are certain things to keep in mind when designing and developing an app. 

3. AR/VR

AR/VR is everywhere, from gaming to ecommerce; everyone is investing to give the target audience an immersive entertainment or shopping experience. Even the healthcare industry is investing in AR/VR integrated apps. In ecommerce, it enables customers to get a real-life view of the products online. For instance, L’Oreal’s virtual makeup app allows customers to get a preview of how the eye shadow, lipstick, or foundation will look on their face. AR/VR innovations are high in demand and ruling the mobile app market.


By the end of 2022, the number of connected wearable devices will surpass around 929 million globally. That makes wearable app integration an important strategy for app development. This will play an important role in connecting businesses with customers in the new decade.


This is a trend that every entrepreneur in the food business should keep in mind. After COVID, consumer behavior has changed. They are more comfortable with the grocery and food delivery apps. Brands with their app or using third-party apps have seen exceptional growth in the past years.


Keeping up with the trends guarantees more exposure and growth for a business. Your app can give you a great boost, provided you integrate it well with the latest trends & technologies. Finally if you are searching for a mobile app development company in the UAE, check out Socialight Digital Marketing. It is a well-known company offering digital solutions to global companies at affordable packages.  

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