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    “We Help Businesses to Sell Their Products Online with Ease”

    Socialight Digital Marketing brings to you affordable, creative, and effective e-commerce web design in Dubai & Bahrain, enabling businesses to not only have a virtual presence but also to sell their products online.

    Socialight’s team understands the complexities of e-commerce design and its impact on a business. We study the business, its offerings, and the target audience to conceptualize a stunning design that increases your brand’s online presence and attracts customers to your store.

    The “online shopping” trend is booming right now, and the curve will only go upwards with time. People are constantly browsing product and service options on their smartphones. No wonder, every other brand- big or small has a dedicated e-commerce website.

    Have you ever wondered how many leads you can generate more simply after setting up an online shop? An e-commerce website can generate more sales for your business than you can imagine.

    We are one of the top e-commerce web design companies in UAE that can help you to design a professional and eye-catching e-commerce store.


    Some of the benefits of e-commerce website designing in Dubai are:

    Hiring an e-commerce website designer in Dubai has tremendous benefits. Some of them are:

    1. More affordable option

    Creating a virtual e-commerce website costs much less than creating a physical store in the real world. Setting up a store involves additional costs such as hiring employees, stock maintenance, etc. However, you only need to make a one-time investment in a reputable e-commerce website development agency and you are good to go.

    1. Quick and easy set-up

    A professional store design, sales counter, lighting- everything is time consuming to set up and is quite expensive. However, to set up an e-commerce store for your brand, all you need is adequate inventory, quality images of products with good descriptions and a professional e-commerce web designer. With the right marketing strategy, you can kick off your sales within just a few hours of setting up your e-commerce website.

    1. More revenue potential

    When you are selling through your offline store, you are only generating sales when your store is open. But in the case of an e-commerce website, people can buy from your brand 24*7. Your online automated e-store stays open all the time, and you will be printing money even when you and your employees are sleeping.

    1. Your buyers get a customized online experience

    When your potential customers scroll through your e-commerce website, you can easily track their activity, behavior, buying patterns and purchasing habits. It can help you customize their shopping experience through personalized suggestions, real-time interaction and more. All of these will help in converting a visitor into a customer faster.

    1. Adapting to the changing external environment

    Since COVID19, it is unlikely for people to visit crowded shopping stores anymore. People who preferred offline shopping earlier are also switching to online shopping. To adapt to this changing consumer behavior it is crucial to set up your brand’s e-commerce website.

    1. Greater exposure

    When you only have an offline store, your target customers are limited to the people living in the vicinity of that store to the people living in that city. But in the case of an e-commerce website, your target audience is no longer limited just to your country. You can even expand into the global market. People living around the world will have access to your brand’s products and services.

    1. Better scalability

    It is easier to scale your business through an e-commerce website than through an offline store. You can easily meet market demands and customer requirements with diverse sales platforms and strategies. You can also easily reach your potential customers through innovative techniques.

    1. You can easily track your analytics

    It is much easier to track and store data when you are running an e-commerce website rather than a physical store. You can easily find out the effectiveness of sales, learn about customer behavior, understand marketing campaigns, customer engagements, and a lot more.

    1. Get customer feedback more easily

    In today’s world there are so many brands competing against you that keeping your customers happy and satisfied should be your top priority. How will you ensure this? You can do it by constantly collecting feedback and suggestions from your customers and using those to improve your offerings and services. On an e-commerce website, your customers can easily leave ratings. It is also easier to collect reviews and testimonials online.

    Why should you hire our e-commerce web design Dubai agency?

    Our process of working with our clients is unique and collaborative. We are amongst the best e-commerce website design & development company UAE. We understand how crucial a brand’s e-commerce website is to its success. So we ensure to take creative input and feedback at every stage.

    Our working process looks like this:

    • Every brand’s vision is unique and wants to build an e-commerce website for a different objective. Our e-commerce web design Dubai agency will arrange a detailed session with the client to understand the goals they want to achieve with the brand’s e-commerce store.
    • Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s requirements and expectations from the e-commerce website, our team of creative developers brainstorm a web design strategy suited to the brand’s needs.
    • After the client approves our strategy, our e-commerce web design Dubai agency incorporates the different elements and aspects of an e-commerce website like navigation scheme, loading speed etc. Once we test the website and the client gives the final approval, we finally launch the e-commerce store.

    Why should you trust our services?

    Setting up a decent e-commerce website is not as easy as it sounds! Of course, anyone can randomly use a free tool to set up an online store, but it might not look “professional.” Your brand’s e-commerce website is the virtual place where people will interact and buy from your brand.

    You cannot afford to create an e-commerce website that does not match your brand’s standards. An e-commerce website needs to be professionally designed, look attractive, and the theme should resonate with your brand’s messaging.

    Our e-commerce web design Dubai agency has a professional team of web developers who will strategize and brainstorm unique designs and themes for your brand’s e-commerce store that reflects your brand’s core. We will ensure that your website is not just creative, but also technically sound, such as an optimized loading speed, smooth navigation etc.

    For more information about us, feel free to connect with our experts. We are an e-commerce web design Dubai agency that will take care of all your e-commerce web designing requirements

    Here is a sneak peak of our portfolio, which includes our previous projects in regards to web design and web development services provided to our clients in Dubai & Bahrain, over the years.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Of course! If you are not happy with the existing layout and design of your ecommerce site, we can create a new website with an attractive look.   

    Our team will walk you through such details during the consultation and show you our portfolio. 

    Yes, we can help you set up a payment gateway on your ecommerce website. 

    Yes, our team would be happy to help you with any changes or modifications after the launch of the ecommerce site when you take our ecommerce website maintenance package.

    When offering ecommerce web design in Dubai & Bahrain, we start each project by, offering flexible quotes to the clients.  

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