It is in the nature of technology to evolve, allowing existing solutions to scale up for a better future. So, it should not be surprising if the technology trends of 2021, become obsolete by 2022. Accordingly, businesses should prepare themselves to make modifications to their existing technology infrastructure to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Since app development has experienced considerable technological developments in recent years; it is a significant area that businesses should focus on. If you are yet to invest in a mobile app development company in Dubai, you might want to make some budgetary adjustments and make room for it in the coming year.

Due to cost constraints, many small businesses and start-ups are hesitant to outsource their digital marketing, app development, or hire social media agencies in Dubai. But living in this Digital Age, one must invest in the technological infrastructure of a business. It is a necessary investment with a guaranteed return on investment. 

Coming back to where we started; with the year 2021 coming to an end, here’s a glimpse of the emerging trends in mobile app development that businesses can benefit from. 

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

According to IT and market experts, the following trends will be dominating the apps development arena in the coming months, in Dubai and globally. 

Voice Search

The number of voice assistants has increased and so has their popularity. Billions of people around the world use smart speakers integrated with voice assistants regularly. Businesses must take advantage of this by developing apps that support voice search.

Compatibility with Wearables

With more companies launching their wearables; what was once considered a luxury has become more accessible to consumers. So, when building an app, don’t forget to include the feature that ensures compatibility with wearables. It will attract more app downloads from the App Store. 

Devices that Fold

As per the market prediction, more mobile manufacturers will launch folding devices in the coming days. Keeping that in mind, it is essential to develop an app that is optimised for foldable screens. It might seem like a long shot, but investing in such features will increase the popularity and credibility of your app in the eyes of the consumer. 

On-demand Apps

On-demand apps enable consumers to buy products or services and get them in real-time. Some examples would be delivery apps (food, groceries, medicines, etc.), on-demand taxi apps, telemedicine, housekeeping services, and likewise. The on-demand economy is flourishing, with several businesses investing in the same. Customers like such apps and services because it is more accessible and easy to use. It would be a worthwhile business development decision to build such an app.   


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