Why Social Media is the Trump Card of Your online Marketing Strategy

Social Media

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and our living habits as we once knew it. Most notably, it has acted as a catalyst for the digital revolution of the twenty-first century. In the last eighteen months, digital transformation and transition have experienced increasing acceptance across businesses. The number of digital platforms has increased, and more individuals are signing up for them. This trend has been visible in Bahrain as well. That’s why it has become very important for businesses to think through their promotional efforts and invest in professional online marketing in Bahrain.

Now, online marketing is a vast domain with multiple areas to focus on. In this blog, we will shed some light on the significance of social media marketing. It will assist you in comprehending why there is a need to include marketing for a social media company in Bahrain for business benefits.


As of 2020, more than 3.96 billion people worldwide are using different social media platforms, with Facebook having the most users. Within the same period, the number of users on TikTok has increased by 85%. A similar increase in sign-ups and regular activities has been noticed across other platforms as well. No wonder marketers are considering social media the ultimate trump card for online marketing. (Source: https://www.statista.com/topics/7863/social-media-use-during-coronavirus-covid-19-worldwide/)

Social media marketing has the following benefits:


53% of the world’s population uses social media these days. Over 54% of the user’s research products are on social media. It means that if you showcase your business, brand, product, and services on social media platforms with a good promotional strategy it will boost your brand’s online visibility. With more visibility, more people will get to know about your brand. (Source: https://blog.hootsuite.com/simon-kemp-social-media/ https://blog.globalwebindex.com/chart-of-the-day/social-browsers-brand/)


You can target both local and worldwide consumers with consistent branding efforts on social media channels. It aids in the expansion of your consumer base and your business activities. Why limit your options when social media marketing can give you worldwide exposure and help grow your brand?!


Social media marketing has a positive impact on search engine rankings. As more people see your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and likewise; they would search more about your brand using appropriate keywords, thus boosting your SERPs. A well-executed social media marketing strategy can improve your search engine optimization efforts as well.

We hope that this blog was insightful for businesses trying to make their mark in this digital and social media-forward world. If you are looking for qualified and experienced professionals to provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy, then Socialight Digital Marketing is just the company you need by your side. It is one of the leading companies for online marketing in Bahrain, with an exceptional track record of offering services to both local and global businesses. Click here to check out their marketing services as a top social media company in Bahrain.

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