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The business sector has changed, replacing conventional ways, thanks to the rapid technological growth and digitization over the last decade. To beat the competition, make a profit, and maintain steady growth in 2021, your company must embrace the latest digital trends and incorporate them into your marketing and business strategy. Remember that Bahrain being a developing economy, all your competitors will be putting in their best effort to take the top spot. Hence, you need to pool in all your resources as well, with a special focus on web design strategies and the use of social media in Bahrain for online marketing benefits.

Keeping that in mind, this blog will highlight the top five (you mentioned ten points) social media and web design trends that businesses must follow in 2021.


The online presence of a business is determined primarily by its website, followed by SEO and other digital marketing strategies that keep your products/services visible in front of your target audience. However, at the core of it all is how you plan your web design. Experts of web design in Bahrain would recommend the following points:

  1. Retro font styles, or stick to serif fonts with a touch of elegance.
  2. Get creative with the typography with the use of animation and visual effects.
  3. Have fun with your design using emojis.
  4. Parallax effect in scroll animation.
  5. Include horizontal scrolling to feature services/products.
  6. 3D visual effects to add glamour to your website design.
  7. Invest heavily in multimedia representations throughout the website.
  8. Surreal art and collage picture presentations.
  9. Muted colors with pops of contrast.
  10. Keep light and dark mode for better UX.


From a business perspective, the use of social media is for marketing purposes and to connect directly with the consumers, existing and potential. Here are some of the social media marketing trends you should keep up with:

  1. Comprehensive social media usage instead of sticking to few platforms.
  2. Encourage user-generated content and engage using the same.
  3. Focus on the trending social causes. Consumers like it when you show that you care.
  4. COVID is still present, so use your business and platform to spread awareness.
  5. Increase engagement with social media polls on social topics, or simply your products.
  6. Include influencer marketing in your social media strategy.
  7. Use informative videos.
  8. Livestreams are great way to connect directly with the consumers.
  9. Update ‘Stories’ regularly and feature consumers in the same.
  10. Use AR and VR in your social media content.

That’s what you must include in your marketing plans when using social media in Bahrain for commercial purposes.


It does not matter whether you are running a major corporation, a start-up, or a small home business, to generate profits and to reach out to your target audience you needs a striking web platform and a vibrant social media presence. Not sure how to leverage the trends of social media and web design in Bahrain for your business activities? Well, Socialight Digital Marketing can assist you with that.

Being one of the leading digital marketing companies, Socialight has an impressive portfolio and exceptional track record of working with both local and global businesses, extending their expertise to drive growth through smart and affordable business and marketing solutions.

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