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These are rare times, with an unclear future, and businesses both big and small are struggling to stay still globally. While some have closed doors temporarily, some are trying to suffice through online business models and others are developing and revamping theirs to offer the same. The usual methods and styles of marketing and business promotions have also changed in these times.

Now more than ever, businesses of all stature need to reach out to their consumers regularly, giving them the safety assurance of their services. On that note, digital marketing has been playing its part well in giving all kinds of business the fighting chance to retain customers. However, that is not enough in terms of reachability. For a complete effect, one has to include social media within the marketing mix to generate favorable results.

Here, in this blog we will shed some light on the importance of hiring a social media company in Bahrain specializing in online marketing can help you survive and even thrive during this COVID-19 crisis.


There are various factors involved that have raised the importance of social media marketing in recent times. The demand for online content has sharply risen in the past months and along with increased use of online platforms including social media. The main reason behind this development is the lockdown situation that has kept people indoors for safety reasons. People have been exploring online to seek information, entertainment, and to stay updated.

Businesses should take advantage of that and use these platforms, their services and products involving special steps taken considering the corona crisis, to get the attention of the consumers. Here are a few social media marketing tips to follow:


We are living in a pandemic ridden world and that’s the hard reality that your followers and everyone on social media are ready to acknowledge. So, your posts should reflect the current environment while staying sensitive and positive about the situation. Posting about business policy changes and customer service reformations that you have made in the wake of COVID-19 will garner attention from consumers.


The increased usage of social media platforms gives you a golden chance to get closer to your target audience, retain the existing ones, and attract new. You need to post valuable and thought-provoking as well as trending posts online. The key is to stay updated and keep the followers updated as well.


Social media marketing can go in the wrong direction if your post starts sounding to be less empathetic. You cannot lose the sense of the sensitivity of the situation while making a promotional post. Using the pandemic to declare a special offer in a casual tone will not go well with most of your consumers and it might meet with backlash. No one is stopping you from making promotional offers, it’s the time that needs to be empathetic.

Using these tips will give you the marketing visibility that you need during these times to keep your business running well. Socialight Digital Marketing is a renowned social media company in Bahrain known for its affordable and effective marketing packages with which they cater to global enterprises and local businesses. Visit: www.socialight-marketing.com for further information on their extensive online marketing services.

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