Enhance Your Social Media Marketing With Graphic Design Elements

Graphic Design

Digital marketing is incomplete without inputs from a professional graphic designer. They are the creative designers who make the website look attractive and appealing to visitors and potential customers. Apart from that, they also work closely with the content team, creating informative and catchy graphics to support the blogs, articles, and website content.

While most businesses focus on all those areas, few acknowledge the relevance of graphic design to their social media marketing. According to market statistics, infographics are liked and shared more on social media. Tweets that have images and graphical content get 150 percent more retweets and 2.3 times more engagement on Facebook. The addition of graphics in a social media post makes it attractive and is likely to get more attention than just a plain and simple post with hashtags.

(Source: https://carvertc.com/blog/2019/2/20/8-stats-the-prove-you-need-more-graphic-content-infographic)

So, if you are looking to get the best business benefits out of your social media in Bahrain, you need to invest more in graphic design. In this blog, we will further discuss the relevance of combining both for your digital marketing campaign.

Graphic Design Bahrain – How it Benefits Social Media Marketing?

The use of graphics on social media can be highly beneficial from the marketing standpoint of a business. People frequently use social media platforms more than any other place and if they come across interesting content, they will not only check it out themselves but will also share it with others. Graphic designing boosts the creative levels of the social media content, increasing the online visibility of a business.

Improved Engagement

Graphically enriched content can help your business connect and engage with a larger audience. In times of promotion of new services, new products or special offers, etc. a short post attached with a creative graphic design that details the promotional content catches the attention of more people.

Graphics can be used to design unique posts like pictographs, gifs, animation, etc. These get out your promotional message loud and clear, better than any amount of words will ever do.

Designing interactive Q and A content, polls and promotional teasers are also some other options of increasing engagement through the use of graphics in social media content.

Create Brand Awareness

Graphic design in Bahrain is important if a business wants to stand apart from the competition and create a brand identity. Specific logo design and social media posts help in promoting brand awareness and creates an identity of the business in the minds of the consumers.

As COVID-19 lockdowns keep businesses afloat through remote operations, it’s time to make the best out of digital marketing to increase online visibility. At Socialight Digital Marketing, we provide everything from SEO services, content marketing, and graphic designing to marketing for social media in Bahrain.

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