Most marketing companies also function as web design companies and branding agencies. But the most effective of those is when the companies function as social media agencies too.

  • Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

Social media is a very powerful advertisement medium. Simply by having engaging posts and making the audience react, the business can gain customers. This is why social media has a farther reach than any other form of advertising including television and print media. But to correctly use the power of social media, it is essential for marketing agencies and social media agencies to learn the differences between the various types of social media to utilise their special features effectively.

  • Facebook

With one of the largest user bases amongst all social media networks, and an unparalleled worldwide reach, Facebook can be used to boost business with the right type of posts. Facebook wins in its versatility, allowing for usage of images, videos, and other types of graphics. It also allows for special creation of pages that can be linked to personal accounts, allowing for a single user to maintain their page, community and groups using a single account.

  • Twitter

Twitter conversations are short, to the point, referring to particular handles/ accounts. These 140 character texts are called ‘tweets’, and they work by engaging the conversation of the various accounts that ‘follow’ a particular account. Twitter makes it easier to spread information in bits and is therefore to the point, quickly engaging all types of netizens easily. Twitter’s USP is its concise message space.

  • YouTube

What cannot be clearly said with pages of text, can be put forward in a single cleverly designed video. Be it with people talking about the company or with captions and animated videos, YouTube channels are the right places to spread information effectively. Once commonly referred to as a platform for entertainment, YouTube has now become the place to share informative commercials and short videos that quickly send across the message as powerfully as any other medium. YouTube can be used to spread quick, short, videos that detail the products and services of a brand.

  • Instagram

Instagram is all about photos and videos that are visually appealing. Instagram works better than other networks with the specialised hashtags, geotagging and other features that identify a local business and make people know about the brand and its products. Visually appealing images shot with the sole purpose of making the audience sit up and take notice are the USP of instagram, and using it depends on generating content that is a weird combination of informative and appealing.

  • Google+

Unlike other social media, Google’s platform has one additional use. Attached with the SEO system of Google, the social media marketing in Google+ happens to have the additional perk of having returned first on the various search engines. Google+ is also a very attractive way to share posts and information that comes up in a nearly live feed with constant updates.

Understanding social media, online and email marketing can make all the difference to a successful business. SociaLight is a marketing company and web design company in Bahrain that could be your partner in your quest to make your presence big on social media.