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When you search for any product online, you type the keywords into the search engine and choose the five websites that come closest to providing the information you need. Now, you start browsing each website to see what they have to offer. So, when you are navigating the web, what is the first thing that grabs your attention? It’s mostly the following characteristics of the website:

  • Look and design.
  • Navigational ease.
  • Fast page loading time.
  • Visually appealing content.
  • Clear and creative written content.

Any good website has to cater to its visitor with the above, which is taken care of by professionals adept in web design in Bahrain.


The digital face of your organization and brand is your website, which acts as a virtual business card. It is the first thing people will check before buying your products or services. Although most businesses in Bahrain spend a lot of money on online marketing in order to establish a strong digital identity, paying attention to web design is equally important. We have some recent global statistics to prove the same:

  • More than 48% of the consumers believe in the credibility of a business by judging the web design.
  • The first impression of a website for 94% of the consumers is created by its design.
  • More than 38% of the consumers will close the site if the design is bad.
  • 88% of the online shoppers will not return to a site if the design and UX are poor.

(Source: https://review42.com/resources/web-design-statistics/)

But what does the aforementioned have to do it with online marketing and its results? The relation between the two has been further explained in detail below:

  • User-Experience/UX – Seamless navigation, ease of browsing, and fast loading time are essential factors that make or break the credibility of a website. Even if you manage to pull the ranks to the first page, if the website has poor user experience, consumers will reject it immediately. The UX has to be remarkable for the digital marketing efforts to be effective.
  • Search Engine Optimization – The planning of the website, number of landing pages, blog posts, content placement, addition of videos, pictures, and banners, etc. all have an impact on search engine optimization. Web designing gives structure and form to the site, while SEO breathes life to it. You will need professional help in both online marketing and web design in Bahrain, to make your website top the search engine rankings.
  • Brand Marketing and Advertising – Your web design, online advertising and branding efforts need to be in sync with each other, or else it becomes inconsistent and confusing for the consumer visiting the site. For example, your website design should match the look and feel of the social media marketing and advertising campaigns so that consumers can relate to it. This is the collective responsibility of digital marketing and web designing.

Website designing and online marketing are co-related, they are the two sides of the same coin. To produce desirable revenue-generating performance, both must be perfect.

Socialight Digital Marketing is one of the top companies specializing in web design and online marketing in Bahrain. They have an experienced team of designers and SEO professionals, who can guarantee favorable results in increasing the visibility of your business by strategizing the winning combination of digital marketing and web designing, to generate maximum ROI.

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