Facebook Marketing Features That Can Get You Easily Ahead in the Race

For those of you who think that Facebook is fading, it is not quite. The Social Media Bahrain agencies strongly disagree, and that’s the reason why there always up for trying new things on the platform. Recently, marketers have uncovered some little-known marketing features of this globally used platform that pays off in spades. So, if your business is on Facebook and if you would like to find new ways of marketing, there are some features to find.

Pages to Watch

Few know about this feature, and even fewer use it to their own advantage. But surprisingly, Pages to Watch is an often talked about feature. For those of you to whom the Pages to Watch is still unknown, it is a function that enables users to follow up to one hundred different brands on Facebook. A user can follow any number of brands under 100 and make instant comparisons of their page activities. Web development Bahrain agencies often fall back on this feature to increase audience engagement to their clients’ pages.

Previous Posts

Some of you must be already familiar with post performance data which comes under the Facebook Insight tab. One other feature that website design Bahrain agencies heavily rely on is Post Search under Published Posts. Listed here are all the words that have been used to make searches before. Why you want to dig into it? Because in the previous posts, you will find a bunch of wordings and details which can help fine tune your own search results.

Like Pages as Your Brands

One way to show support and be a part of the community is by sharing. Social media Bahrain companies show love towards the businesses and brands that are on Facebook by liking their pages from your own. Alternately, you can also like their brands as your own page.