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Blockchain technology was first introduced to the world with the creation of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2008. A blockchain is a public, distributed and encrypted ledger of transactions that runs over the Internet. Blockchain technology provides cryptographic security without fear of fraud, hacking or even the need for third party intermediaries such as banks.
Much like ecommerce and mobility app revolutions in the last decade, a new generation of distributed apps are being built using blockchain technology.
There is an ever-increasing variety of scripting and design technologies available to build the app ecosystem of wallets, transactions and even trading platforms. This process requires a new level of expertise to develop cryptocurrencies or tokens of value.
SociaLight has built a wide-ranging set of services to support businesses that want to leverage the power of blockchain. From strategy, to design and implementation, our blockchain experts are there to deliver flawlessly through every step.


SociaLight is a pioneering company in helping clients with widespread launch of their ICOs.
We provide a complete range of ICO services, from cryptocurrency token design, white paper and smart contract development to marketing communications, token sale website creation and digital marketing expertise for ICO campaigns.
We develop cryptocoins for all major blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you envision a new, coin specific blockchain with the next level of security protocols and transaction consensus algorithms, our team is on hand assist with development and implementation.
SociaLight’s digital experts, business analysts and developers, follow world class practices in prototyping and rapid development for seamless and risk-free ICO deployment for any industry and function.


With the growing adoption of blockchain, there is a rising need for cryptocurrency wallets which make transactions possible. The SociaLight team is at the forefront of wallet development for existing and new cryptocurrencies.
We combine blockchain, cryptographic security and software engineering expertise to build highly secure hardware and software wallets that enable secure transactions to store and transfer cryptocurrencies. Our services include cross-platform web and mobile wallet app development with features for multi-currency storage and transactions and, enhanced privacy based on client needs.


Cryptocurrency exchanges are the gateway to the real world, for cross-cryptocurrency and fiat conversions, with the need growing each day as blockchain transactions scale.
SociaLight’s expert developers can build end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange solutions on web and mobile for financial businesses. We specialize in implementing highly secure, scalable and high throughput platforms that also comply with all regulatory requirements.
We deliver custom solutions that meet all the stringent requirements of fintech platforms. Our development teams combine sleek front-end applications with the latest in UX design with robust back-end features such as AML/KYC compliance and integration with financial institutions, payments, accounting and other business systems. Our solutions are extensible and provide supporting capabilities for reporting, wallet integration and other necessary exchange capabilities.

Cloud Services

To be a top of the line cloud service provider, interconnection should be the foundation of your company. It is prime because it connects local computers with the customers, business partners as well as employees. This is what is required in order to be the perfect cloud service company that caters to a multitude of clients. Cloud service providers can really speed up the delivery and distribution of valuable data. It brings clients closer to their end users, enabling them to better capture the markets they dream of.At SociaLight Digital Marketing, we provide cloud server solutions that help the companies perfectly connect with their customers anywhere in the world. It is a known fact that today a lot of internet traffic passes through insecure sources. But with a reliable cloud service company like SociaLight Digital Marketing, your data is protected while being connected to anyone. This drives innovation and empowers clients to take greater strides. Enhance your company and IT performance with our reliable cloud services.

Why should you use the cloud services offered by SociaLight Digital Marketing? Some of the core benefits of our services are:

  • We are relatively better priced, making us a cost-effective solution to your marketing problems
  • Our services are easy to use and share
  • We positively believe that we will provide you with measurable results
  • We ensure target marketing
  • Easy to implement
  • We take up the responsibility of keeping your clients informed promotions and events
  • We work towards increasing brand awareness as well as productivity